Acknowledgments and thanks

Thanks to Colgate COSC465 students from Spring 2014 and Spring 2015 for being guinea pigs and giving feedback for the very first versions of Switchyard. Thanks also to Prof. Paul Barford and CS640 students at the University of Wisconsin for using and providing feedback on Switchyard.

Thanks to those students who have contributed fixes and made suggestions for improvements. In particular:

  • Thanks to Saul Shanabrook for several specific suggestions and bug reports that have led to improvements in Switchyard.

  • Thanks to Xuyi Ruan for identifying and suggesting a fix to bugs on one of the documentation diagrams.

  • Thanks to Sean Wilson for a bug fix on an infinitely recursive property setter. Oops, but this dumb bug motivated me to significantly improve test coverage, so there’s that.

  • Thanks to Leon Yang for identifying a problem with kwarg processing for ICMP.

  • Thanks to Jordan Ansell at Victoria University-Wellington NZ for initial code for ICMPv6 neighbor discovery